Thursday, January 27, 2011

She's On The Other Side Of The World

Racheal Martins
I’m in love with a beautiful girl,
but she’s on the other side of the world!
Still I love her with all my being,
other girls I’m not seeing!
She’s my each and every fantasy,
but I feel as if I’m bound to Chasity!
I dream of her every night,
and think of her during daylight!
Her complexion is dark,
and on her skin there’s not a mark!
Her eyes are dark brown,
and oval round!
And when she looks at you,
your heart burns through and through!
Her hair is also brown and tinted of red,
she looks like a model some have said!
Her lips are the color of peach,
for her sweet kiss I want to reach!
To love this girl,
is my whole world!
To possess the love of this woman,
makes me the luckiest of all man! 
I will always endeavor,
to make her happy forever!
Duke Sherman

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