Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marie Lanza

Marie Lanza
The girl in my dream-
has skin as white-
as cream!
Her hair is golden-
only her, my heart see’s 
to her, it’s beholden!
Her name is Marie-
and there’s none more pretty!
Her eyes are like magic-
they are perfect!
A “Goddess” she resembles-
so beautiful, you’ll tremble!
I can watch awhile-
her sweet smile!
When I become sad-
I think of her-
and become glad!
She is my heart’s cure!
The man lucky enough-
to have her-
better have trust-
and a soul that’s pure!
Her angelic presence-
is heaven sent!
My thoughts are on fire-
of her, I desire!
I can only pray-
that some day-
I’ll find-
a girl like her-
with a mind-
as her’s is pure!
Duke Sherman

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