Saturday, January 22, 2011

God Bless The USA

In Viet Nam when you Slept
Charlie Cong-he Crept
You got no Rest
Never at your’ Best
Your’ will to Kill
Made you Ill
Sometimes you Wept
With every Step
But you carried On
You were Duty Bound
Many would Die
Many would Cry
You came home to-the calling of Names
For children’s lives-you were Blamed
No one Cared
Your’ life you Bared
They couldn’t see
You fought to keep America Free
They spat on You
And cursed you Too
You wanted to Fall
But you stood Tall
Your’ life you Bet
With anger you were Met
You want them to Understand
You fought for this Land
Why do they say-the things they Say?
Your proud to Say
You fought for the USA
Now you Sit
And ask yourself-was it worth It?
Yes you Say
For America-Free it Stays
God Bless The USA
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Viet Nam Veteran
Black Horse Soldiers

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