Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Love So Sweet

Last night-
I dreamed of you.
Your beautiful sight-
yes, it’s true.
No matter how much I fought-
The memory of you-
was in my every thought.
My heart feels-
that you’re the real deal.
How can I show you-
my intentions are true?
To become your mate-
I wish to be my fate.
Yes, marriage is on my mind.
In your heart, can you find-
the words to-
release my heart from this bind? 
I love you-
are the words true.
When they, you say-
magical are they.
Like butter I melt-
no greater felling I have felt.
You make my life complete-
the heart’s sweetest treat.
Marry me my love?
We’ll fly off like two doves.
God’s blessings with us-
you can surely trust.
I’ll cherish you-
“My dream come true”
I love you!
Duke Shernan

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