Saturday, January 29, 2011

I've Loved You Since Way Back When

A pretty girl tried to flirt with me today,
I found myself looking away!
The only thing I could think of,
was you my love!
Since we’ve been together,
I  know there’s nothing better-
than the love we have for one another!
And you are the most beautiful woman ever!
You light up and complete my life,
and you make me feel so alive!
Never did I think to return the flirt,
that would’ve been absurd!
My heart belongs to only you,
God knows I’m telling you true!
I’m a one woman man,
and there’s none more beautiful in all the land-
than the one wearing my wedding band!
You’re the girl of my Dreams,
and have been since we were teens!
Not a day goes by,
I don’t look to the sky,
and thank God you entered my life,
and he made you my wife!
I’ve loved you since way back when,
and I’ll love you ‘til time comes to an end!
I Love You:
Duke Sherman

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