Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Wish With All My Heart

I wish with all my heart it could be,
that you would fall in love with me!
You’re my dream and every fantasy,
and in my thoughts you’re all I see!
I’ve known you since we were kids,
and never asked you for a kiss!
But I’ve dreamed of tasting your lips,
and imagined the delight they’d give!
I’ve thought of how it would be,
to hold you close to me!
And how my life would’ve been better,
if we had been together!
You’re in my thoughts at morning’s beginning,
and you’re there at the night’s ending!
To God every day,
I pray to him and say:
How I love you with all my heart,
and how I have from the very start!
If I had but only one wish,
it would be for your love to give!
My soul has burned so long for you,
my heart know’s not what to do!
I’ve no desire to love another girl,
You’re all I want in this world!
I love you more every day that goes by,
and can’t be measured even by the stars in the sky!
You’re my heart and my soul and my reason to live,
without you I have none of that to give!
But I must be alone without you,
and only can wish my sweet dream to come true!
Duke Sherman

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