Friday, February 25, 2011

Mother Nature's Perfection

Like those of sweet Poetry,
you make the words come to be!
Like that of a ray of Sunshine,
you warm this heart of mine!
Like the gentle mountain breeze,
you take away the stress from me!
As flowers smell in the Springtime,
your heavenly scent brings to mind!
You have this amazing twinkle in your eyes,
like that of the stars in the sky!
They’re the color of the hills at Sunset,
and your hair is long and Aburnest!
Your skin’s well tanned but not to dark,
with perfection and without a mark!
Your smile’s as bright as a Sunshiny day,
and fills my heart with joy in every way!
Your lips are sweet and moist as Morning dew,
from Mother Nature herself you’re construed!
Created from love and painted with desire,
you burn my soul with with her fire!
My love but grows as Springtime grass,
and will forever time outlast!
Duke Sherman

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