Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Miss Lori

I want to tell you a little story,
about a girl I met named Lori!
I met her one day in town,
I was walking and just looking around!
I met Lori and asked her on a date,
a few months later we became mates!
We married in the month of September,
it was quite beautiful I remember!
We were happy being together,
there could never be a life better!
I loved Lori very much,
and I miss her sweet and gentle touch!
We were married several years,
and one day I found her in tears!
She’d seen the Doctor earlier that day,
and he told she wouldn’t live until the month of May!
She had developed a tumor in the brain,
and it had been causing her much pain!
We thought that it was only Migraines you see,
my Lori was only thirty-three!
She was the love of my life and made me live,
to have her back there’s nothing I wouldn’t give!
Lori’s been gone now for five years,
and whenever I think of her I come to tears!
I just wanted you to know about my Lori,
and about our “Love Story”!
Duke Sherman

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