Sunday, February 13, 2011


I wish my love was here for Valentine’s,
I’m so alone not having someone to call mine!
Day after day and night after night,
my heart aches and my loneliness I fight!
At night I lay down on my bed,
and thoughts of sadness fill my head!
I can remember how it was long ago,
I met a girl at the Picture Show!
I asked her out and she said yes,
in all my life that night was the best!
After the show we took a long walk,
held each other’s hand and just talked!
I never knew a girl like her could exist,
I reached over and gave her a kiss!
Inside of me I could feel my heart beat,
in my mind I knew my heart had felt defeat!
I had fell in love with that girl,
and wanted to give her the world!
We stayed out late that night,
I got her home just at morning’s light!
We had made plans to go out again,
but a few days later she met her life’s end!
She had been dying of Cancer you see,
and she never let on to me!
I think of Julie when I’m alone at night,
and reminisce about her until first light!
I think of all the feelings she gave to me,
and how differently life she made me see!
She’s the only girl I ever loved,
I know she’s watching over me from above!
I know that when I grow old and die,
I’ll join Julie in the Heaven’s sky!
She’ll be waiting there with other Angels by her side,
with her arms held open wide!
She’ll say she’s been waiting a long time for me,
and now the time has come to be!
We’ll have the rest of eternity to be together,
and our love will last for ever!
So I’ll wait until my life comes to it’s end,
and join my one and only love again!
Duke Sherman

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