Friday, February 18, 2011

My Regret Was

 My Father    
All of us have regrets,                                                                                  
mine was the Father I never met!
I was raised by my mom ‘till seventeen,
‘twas’nt bad she was my Queen!
My Mom was very young you see,
Mom’s Dad wouldn’t let him see me!
My Dad and my Mom couldn’t together be seen,
for she wasn’t quite sixteen!
When I was a man and much older,
I found his address and wrote him a letter!
But it was already too late,
he had died in his sleep at sixty-eight!
Not ever knowing him in my life,
has caused me a great deal of strife!
I missed meeting him only by two weeks,
it made my life that much more bleak!
Not knowing where your roots come from,
can make for your feelings to become numb!
All that I have that was him,
is a photo of his image within!
If I could turn back the Hands of time,
I’d ask my Grandfather to me more kind!
I’d ask him to allow Mom and Dad to Marry,
I would then know the meaning of Family!
But Life isn’t always fair,
some of us must live in dispair!
I would like that some day,
be able to meet my siblings from him some way!
And to learn all the history,
about the roots that made me!
My time on this earth is growing shorter,
with every day I grow older!
Soon it will be too late,
and I’ll have to ask him at Heaven’s gate!
Duke Sherman

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