Sunday, February 20, 2011


I love you and want to confess,
there’s nothing sweeter than your kiss
You make my every dream come true,
all of them are of you!
Your body’s shaped like an Hourglass,
it’s beauty can’t be surpassed!
My dream is but my fantasy,
when I awake it becomes reality!
My thoughts of you are filled with imagination,
I look forward to our time with anticipation!
The sweet smell of your delight,
keeps me excited through the night!
The way you touch me in certain spots,
you tie my heart with love’s knot!
Then you bestow upon me your sweet kiss,
my heart skips a beat and goes amiss!
My skin tingles as you kiss me all over,
my heart begins to race like a great motor!
As your long hair brushes against my skin,
I say to my self I don’t want it to end!
Your touch every one of my sensations,
until the moment of climaxation!
Afterwards we kiss and hold each other tight,
and just love one another the rest of the night! 
Duke Sherman

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