Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's Running Amok

I’ve come to the conlusion,
that life’s but an illusion!
All it take’s is imagination,
and an incantation!
You can make anyone believe,
what you want them to see!
Look at our Government,
and all the rules they bent!
They wave their magical wand,
like obedient fools we respond!
They’re like our Puppeteers,
and we dance to their cheers!
They take all we’ve got,
soon our Country will be tied in a knot!
We’ll have no more to give,
it’s already so hard to live!
Changes must be made,
for our Country to be saved!
The Democrat’s Messiah is not good for us,
He makes no sense when he does what he does!
Socialization doesn’t work for me,
it’ll do nothing but make us no longer free!
We should all be crying,
for our Country is dying!
Come one and all and Reagan up,
Obama is running amok!
We need to do something before it’s too late,
to change our great Nation’s inevitable fate!
We must all come and work together,
only then can we begin to make things better
So heed my warning one and all,
if we don’t do something soon our Nation will fall! 
I pray every night that some day,
my Countrymen will find their way!
I fought in a war for our Liberty and Justic for All,
Many of my friend’s names are on the Vietnam wall!
Duke Sherman

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