Monday, February 14, 2011

When I Lived On The West Coast

The part of my life I remember most,
is when I lived on the West coast!!
I’ve lived all around,
but San Diego’s my Home town!
The sun shined almost every day,
I’d sit at the beach and watch the waves!
Every girl had a tan,
that turned the head of every man!
Then I met a girl named Anna,
she came from Tijuana!
I became involved with her,
but if I loved her I wasn’t sure!
We spent every day together,
and as time went by it got better!
She wanted to be married,
and I asked her: What’s the hurry?
I was young and not that bright,
it cost me the love of my life!
We drifted apart in the next few weeks,
And I seen three years later on Twin Peaks!
She’d become an Actress,
and was becoming quite famous!
Anna’s still acting today,
she’s in New York starring in a Play!
When your young you do stupid things,
I really loved Anna and lost her over a ring!
I often think of visiting her,
and always reminisce about the way we were!
If I would’ve married that girl,
I would know another world!
I would have happiness in my life,
Anna would be my wife!
Duke Sherman

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