Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Lonely

I’ve had many women in my life,
some I’ve even made my wives!
But the right one I’ve never found,
and I assure you I’ve been around!
All I’ve ever wanted was love and happiness,
but all I’ve ever gotten was complete sadness!
I’ve loved each and every one of them,
and was faithful to all until the end!
But true love wasn’t always enough,
and they made my life a bit rough!
I always found the one who liked to cheat,
and my heart would be broken and in defeat!
I don’t know what my destiny holds for me,
but love in my future I pray there will be!
I’ve often asked God to help me understand,
why I’ve had to live my life as a lonely man!
I don’t know what I did to deserve this life,
I couldn’t even keep a wife!
I sometimes think of ending my heart’s pain,
but then I think: what would it gain?
So I continue to hold onto some hope,
and for now with my loneliness I cope!
Every night I’ll continue to pray,
that I’ll find true love and be happy one day!
Duke Sherman 

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