Monday, February 21, 2011

"Love" Is Free

“Love” is the miracle medicine,
that cure’s the heart of any man!
It can take uttermost sadness,
and turn it to amazing happiness!
“Love” is like the brightest of lights,
it opens the darkness of moonless nights!
It’ll take the coldest heart and light it on fire,
from within it’ll be warmed with burning desire!
Even Narcissicism doesn’t stand a chance,
“Love” can cure it with the prescribed Romance!
When sorrowfulness tears a man’s heart apart, 
Only “Love” can mend his broken heart!
“Love” is the medicine for the heart that’s free,
it’s kept in the soul and not a pharmacy!
So take a chance and pick up some “Love”,
by the way it’s made in Heaven above!
Duke Sherman 

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