Saturday, February 19, 2011


My childhood has long time passed,
in my mind my memories last!
The times of my mother’s gentle touch,
and how I loved her so much!
That wonderful Christmas morning under the tree,
I found the Drum set she placed there for me!
I can remember my fifth Birthday,
she and I went to the Midway!
We never had enough money to by much,
but there was always allot of love!
At night my mom would help me pray,
then she’d sing the Boogie man away!
My mother gave me all the happiness she had,
but I always regretted not knowing my dad!
He wanted to marry my mother,
but that wasn’t the wish of her father!
She wasn’t quite sixteen when she had me,
that caused her much pain and misery!
She married many times thereafter,
it made it worse not better! 
Her luck with men brought her much abuse,
the violence towards her was profuse!
She never did find a man to treat her right,
I heard her crying many of nights!
My mother shaped what and who I am,
she raised me to be a decent man!
I reminisce and give my mother much praise,
but most of all I remember is that Christmas day!
Duke Sherman 

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