Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Proposal

I want to be your one and only,
I want to be the one you want!
I want to be there when you’re lonely,
and be your heart’s confidant!
My love for you is overwhelming,
in my soul like fire desire’s burning!
I long to give you all my days,
and love you in every way!
I’ve dream’t of laying beside you at night,
holding you close to me ‘til dawns light!
I’ll keep you safe from all that’s bad,
and take away any sadness you’ve had!
You’re my every thought of every day,
in my heart you’ll always stay!
You give me hope and reason to live,
my heart and soul’s your captive!
My only desire now in life,
is for you to become my wife!
Marry me?
Duke Sherman

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