Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Like An Angel

Like an Angel in Heavenly Grace,
your loveliness is embraced!
Your Heavenly glow,
shines brightly wherever you go!
You melt my mortal heart as if it were butter,
and cause it to rapidly flutter!
No more beautiful are there eyes,
than yours as big and blue like Heaven’s skies!
Your lips are inviting and sweet to kiss,
a chance to do so I’ll never miss!
Your hair as soft as oriental silk,
skin as white as the creamiest milk!
Your body is long and slender,
your touch is oh so tender!
You walk with a bounce in your step,
in your soul love and joy is kept!
The sweet scent of your perfume fills the air,
and you lack only the wings Angels wear!
With you in my presence,
it’s as if I’m already in Heaven!
Duke Sherman

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