Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Cry Doesn't Mean He's Weak!

Men are not weak,
because they weep!
To cry’s an emotion,
makes what you are human!
To  hold every feeling within,
only heartfelt pain can be gained!
To cry is to relieve one’s great stress,
without a good cry there’s not but duress!
To cry is to begin the the road to healing,
what ever the grief one is feeling!
To deny a man the God’s given right to cry,
on his soul Shackles you might well apply!
He too carry’s a heart in his chest,
and as well can become depressed!
An outlet to release his pain is his tears,
and puts in check all his despair! 
To cry doesn’t make for a weak man,
it only shows he’s part of God’s plan!
Duke Sherman

The reason why we cry is, when we become upset, our brains and bodys overreact and work over time, which produce chemicals and hormones. Crying eliminates the chemicals that the body does not need.

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