Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Mommy

When I was just a little guy,
I use to look to the sky.
I would ask God why?
Why my Mommy was so sad,
and why I didn’t have a Dad!
I never really understood,
I always tried to be good!
I’d see my Mommy sometimes cry,
and I’d hear her wish to die.
I’d pray for my Mommy every day,
that happiness would come her way.
I know my Mommy loved me very much,
she told me my life the Angels had touched.
But if that was true,
why was my Mommy so Blue?
Now I’m a grown man,
and life I understand.
My Mother was just sixteen,
and her childhood was never seen!
She loved me with all her heart,
but her whole life had fallen apart!
She married so many times,
but a good man she could never find.
My Mother died not too long ago,
she was sixty-eight years old!
I wish she would’ve had a better life,
instead of all that strife!
I thank God every day,
for with my Mother he let me stay!
But I ask him too,
why he let my Mother’s life be so cruel!
She was my Mother and best friend,
and I’ll love her until and after my life ends!
Duke Sherman

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