Thursday, February 17, 2011

Like An Angel

My life’s as happy as one’s can be,
living with you is Heavenly!
No love on earth can compare,
without you I couldn’t bare!
My love grows stronger every day,
and’s brighter than the Sunshine’s ray!
Life before you was full of despair,
of love my heart was unaware!
My soul was bound for Satin’s domain,
you’ve given me hope and released my pain!
Because of you I have no sorrows,
I now look forward to all tomorrows!
I thank the Lord for sending you to me,
like an Angel you lighten the path of destiny!
There was no future that I could see,
you’ve opened her door with Heaven’s key!
No more I wander through uncertainty,
no longer from life’s direction I flee!
My heart and soul’s bonded to you forever,
Thank God he’s put us together!
Duke Sherman

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