Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Country's Guardians

Life is fruitful for those who fight,
God shined on them the Guardian’s light!
They fight for you and for me,
the fight so their Country can be free! 
Though they’re always in Danger’s path,
threaten their Country and feel their wrath!
They’re the valiant Protectors of our Nation,
and our Country’s very Salvation!
They’re Soldiers watching over us,
our Freedom’s in their trust! 
So pray for them before you sleep,
pray that their safety God will keep!
And when they return to their home,
don’t forget them and leave them alone!
Remember the pass and treat them as Brethren,
not as this Country did her Vietnam Veteran!
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Trp, 2/11 ACR
Black Horse Soldiers
Vietnam Veteran

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