Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zeus' Creation

She’s lovelier than an Enchanted Rose,
the meaning of beauty has been transposed!
Aphrodite’s looking down from Olympus,
her immortal heart’s quite Jealous!
Zeus himself has shined the light of Magnificence,
on her with the power of Enchantment!
He’s given her skin as soft as Silk,
and as white as Milk!
Her eyes were painted Emerald Green,
so inviting and yet Serene!
Her Body’s been shaped from his Hourglass,
and her hair was given the color of Brass!
Alll who gazes upon Zeus’ “Omorfia”,
will know the meaning of Utopia!
Her every wish and demand,
Zeus has made every mortal’s Command!
To be amongst her Beauty’s Fire,
is that of every mortal’s Desire!
For he who wins her Heart and Soul,
will live forever and never grow Old!
Duke Sherman

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