Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Without You

Well my Love it’s Valentine’s day again,
it’s not like it was back then!
I can remember when we first met,
it was a day I’ll never forget!
I was in Chicago and it was quite windy,
I guess that’s why they call it the Windy City!
I seen you walking down the street,
and said to myself: That girl sure looks sweet!
The wind grabed some papers from your hands,
and to meet you I seen my chance!
I managed to chase them down,
then said: You’re the prettiest girl in town!
I asked you out and you said: I like Chinese,
and I replied: Any place your pleased!
We went to a place called Chi Phong Phat’s,
that was where the best was at!
Later we went dancing,
and spent the whole night romancing!
It was love at first sight,
I often think of that night!
I’ve been so lonely since God took you from me,
today would’ve been our eleventh Anniversary!
I still go and buy roses for you on this day,
but now I put them on your grave!
I know when the time comes and I pass,
I’ll be with you again in Heaven at last! 
But for now all I can do,
is reminisce of how I loved you!
Duke Sherman 

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