Friday, February 25, 2011

Somewhere In History

 God Bless The USA
There’s a place in history,
that I’d like to be!
Somewhere back in yesteryear,
when our Country was young and feared!
Not like today where our enemy’s run amok,
and the whole world thinks we suck!
We were looked up to and showed respect,
now our demise they circumspect!
Where’s the memories of Nazi Death camps,
or Pearl Harbor’s remembrance? 
Our Leaders no longer give a Damn,
in what happens to their Citizens!
They’re more interested in the power they hold,
than their Country falling down the hole!
The Debt is getting higher than ever before,
and the rising interest is ignored!
All they quote is: ‘Yes We Can’,
it’s not meant for us the common man!
Their pockets fill and grow heavier,
our’s seems to but become lighter!
Leaders like Jackson-Lincoln-Kennedy and Reagan,
hearts filled with love of Country and Dedication!
These were men who made our Country great,
they must be turning in their graves!
Republicans or Democrats who’s worse,
doesn’t matter our Country still hurts!
Until they all learn to work together,
what ill’s this Country’s never getting better!
Duke Sherman 

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