Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll Remember Him With Pride

  Ronald Reagan would probably be considered one of the most popular presidents in history. He strengthened relations with the Soviet Union and made the United States a strong world power. His graceful manner and warm humor where often the reason his popularity soared and will also be one of the many wonderful things this great leader will be forever remembered for.
Some people think it’s wrong of me,
to keep in me the love of a man’s memory!
I’m a Proud Republican and a Reaganite,
for his memory I would fight!
The last time I looked we were still free,
to belong to the party you wish to be!
You’re free to believe in who and what you want,
and not to conform to a certain party’s savant!
I have no regrets for who I am,
I’m just a simple man!
I love all people no matter the Political party,
I just don’t believe in Monarchies!
I was born in a Country of Freedom
and to one party rule I will not succumb!
To some the Gipper was a fool,
I think they need to go back to school!
I’m proud of Ronald Reagan and all he’s done,
and will not take insults from anyone!
The man served his Country well and with love,
I can imagine what he’s thinking from his cloud above!
He did what he needed too and was loved for it,
he never faltered or quit!
To me he was our Nation’s salvation,
when we needed him he didn’t go on vacation!
No apologies for defeating our enemies,
and left a Great man’s legacy!
He ended the long “Cold War”
and opened the wall’s door!
I’ll remember him always with pride,
until the very day I die!
Duke Sherman 

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