Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heavenly Giselle

 Giselle Diaz
This girl I know’s quite beautiful,
my thoughts of her are unmovable!
Her name’s Giselle and she’s an actress,
she hail’s from the city of Las Vegas!
Her eyes magical will make you gaze,
and mystically places you in a daze!
Her loveliness is beyond compare,
no more beautiful anywhere!
As if she was made of dreams,
her feminineness runs supreme!
Her words are spoke so gentle,
she must’ve been born of an Angel!
She has a Heavenly glow about her,
that causes all men’s hearts to stir!
Their hearts burn with the desire,
of Giselle as if they were on fire!
Her every wish is their command,
they consider themselves lucky men!
My thoughts of her are indeed unmovable,
for there’s none more beautiful!
Duke Sherman

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