Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Was A Bit Jealous

I seen you with him the other day,
I was a bit jealous I must say!
I couldn’t help but to remember,
a night not long ago so tender!
It was you and I walking hand in hand,
only stopping to draw our names in the sand!
It was Sunset at Imperial Beach,
we were just out of the water’s reach!
It was the first time I said: I loved you,
and confessed to you all I wanted to do!
We made plans for our lives that night,
and made love until the morning’s light!
I had to go to work that day,
but you asked and I stayed!
What happened to us I don’t know,
but with you I so wanted to grow old!
Now I see you with another man,
and I try to understand!
But I’m still in love with you,
and there’s no other I want to pursue!
My life has become a lonely one,
and I reget some of the things I’ve done!
But being with you for the time we had,
is the only part of my life that wasn’t bad!
and for the time we were together,
my life was all that much better!
Duke Sherman

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