Thursday, February 24, 2011

True To The Red Man's Creed


I’m told I’m part Indian,
from the “Blackfoot” Nation!
From my father’s side,
my blood was derived!
True to the Red mans creed,
hot blood do I bleed!
It burns as if it were fire,
for the woman I desire!
My birth sign is “Scorpio”,
through my veins venom flows!
Content to be a one woman man,
if crossed-revengeful I am!
Like the Scorpion I’ll sting with preciousness,
and poison with the venom of viciousness
Many regrets she’ll possess,
but I’ll not forget!
But if her heart stays true,
my love for her will accrue! 
The blood of “Blackfoot” Indian,
and sign of the “Scorpion”,
are a lethal combination! 
Love you I will indeed,
but never cross me!
Duke Sherman

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