Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day

I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day,
Cupid’s Arrow flying every which way!
For lover’s everywhere,
love seems to fill the air!
The sweet smell of desire,
sets the heart and soul afire!
Boys and girls waking hand in hand,
make’s me wish I was young again!
I remember a time long ago,
when I was twenty years old!
I had a girl I loved very much,
how I’ve missed her soft touch!
Her lips tasted to me like Honey,
and made me have Butterflies in my tummy!
When I looked into her big Brown eyes,
I felt as if I could fly higher than the sky!
I would’ve given anything in the world,
just to hold on to that girl!
Circumstances caused her to move far away,
it broke my heart and was the worst of all my days!
I never got to see her again,
and i often wonder what could’ve been!
I sometimes wish I could have another chance,
I’d turn back time to that Romance!
Duke Sherman

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