Monday, February 21, 2011

Drinking My Life Away

Once I was a man with little to say,
I was perfectly content to drink my life away!
I’d come home from Nam with memories in my head,
that sometimes made me wish I was dead!
When I slept I dremt of war,
of all that I’d seen of it’s horror!
I’d stay awake at night in fear of death,
my life was a total mess for lack of rest!
I couldn’t function in life properly,
I started to drink heavely!
I’ve married several times in life,
but I just couldn’t hold onto a wife!
I never hit or abused them in anyway,
but my nightmares chased them away!
I was later diagnosed with PTSD,
and stopped self medicating!
The nightmares are still there,
I’ve come to handle them better!
I still stay awake every night,
but at least now I have a life!
Duke Sherman

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