Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life On Earth Is Not Very Long

Life on earth is not very long,
to have never loved would be wrong!
Too many I see in this world are alone,
the loneliness in them like weeds have grown!
It causes them much dispair,
they won’t even go out for a breath of fresh air!
Their lives are filled with great sorrows,
to them there is no tomorrow!
They need someone to share their lives,
if they are to thrive!
Love is what makes the world go around,
and helps you keep your feet on the ground!
God made for Adam his mate called Eve,
without a loved one you will be bereaved!
You will remain lonely all of your life,
and in it will be nothing but strife!
Take care and listen to what I’ve said,
and keep the thought fresh in your head! 
Love is a many splendered thing,
and happiness and content is what it’ll bring!
Duke Sherman

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