Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She Lights Up My Every Whim

My girl’s name is Desiree;
she’s what is my destiny!
Like that which is heat of fire,
she warms my heart with desire!
Her smile lights up my every whim,
my heart beats with love within!
Her beauty’s beyond compare,
it generates a Heavenly glare!
Her hair down to her waist,
she wears it in good taste!
Her eyes are amber brown,
and shaped perfectly round!
Her skin is white with a pink tint,
God made her desirable and distinct!
Hourglass figure God shaped with care,
she walks as if floating on clouds in air!
None on this earth with I’d rather be,
than to be with Desiree!
Duke Sherman
The meaning of the name Desiree is Desired
The origin of the name Desiree is French

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