Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Cupid's Arrow


~My Soul’s Afire
my Hunger Burns~
~With Deep Desire
of Passion’s Yearn~
~The Cupid’s Arrow
has Pierced my Skin~
~Straight and Narrow
my Heart Within~
~Igniting Spurs
of Hungry Flames~
~Hot and Pure
in through my Veins~
~My Blood it Boils
a Passion’s Brew~
~My Body Entails
Desires for You~
~You are my One
my every Wish~
~My Life’s Begun
my Souling’s Bliss~
~I long to hold You
in Embrace~
~To Taste your Roux
inhale your Wraith~
~To feel your Touch
upon my Skin~
~To know your Love
from Deep Within~
~To Lie with you
be by my side~
~The Night Unto
the Morning’s Tide~
~To Ride the Wings
of Ecstasy~
~And Weave the Stings 
of Destiny~
~What Cupid Spun
Let no Man End~
~Two Hearts as One
our Live’s Extent~
~You are my Fate
for you I Live~
~My Souling Mate
my Life I Give~
~The Sands of Time
will surely Flow~
~The Bells will Chime
and Call our Souls~
~We’ll gain our Wings
and Touch the Stars~
~As Angels Sing
from Clouds Afar~
~Our Souls Entwined
Two as One~
~Our Love Divined 
as Cupid Spun~
~You are my Life
my Destiny~
~And Afterlife

Duke Sherman

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