Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deep Within


~Deep within this Soul of mine
a fire grows forever climb~
~My Heart in beating Thunder’s Row
fed by that within my Soul~
~Intensified with thought of you
boiling that of fire’s Brew~
~Spawning Passion’s hungry flame
pumping through my mortal veins~
~Flowing freely through my all
be that of Passion’s protocol~
~Longing to taste your lips so sweet
to drink the flavor in their keep~
~Holding you in my embrace
fingers locked around your waist~
~Feel your touch of skin to skin
feed my fire deep within~
~To lay my head upon your Breast
hear your Heartbeat in your chest~
~Succumb to sleep entwined as one
and dream of what our love has spun~
~To wake the Morn at Dawning’s light
see you laying by my side~
~And whisper softly in your ear
I love you O so much my Dear~
~I love you more than Love can be
you are my life my Destiny~
Duke Sherman

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