Friday, February 8, 2013

Every Beating Of My Heart

~With every beating of my Heart
the depth be of my Soul~
~You are the half the very part
that makes me whole~
~You rule my each and every thought
holding my Heart at bay~
~My Heaven on Earth my Angel sought
my Minding’s sweet Bouquet~
~’O I long to know your touch
engulfed within my hold~
~Feel the fire of your Love
burning through my fold~
~Taste the flavors of Passion’s Bliss
brewing deep within~
~Embraced and locked within a kiss
rubbing skin to skin~
~Inhale the essence of your breath
mixing of our Souls~
~Feel the warming of your flesh
as Passion’s hunger grows~
~You Reign within my every Dream
fulfilling my every wish~
~My body wakes in hungry scream
begging for your lips~
~To take you hold you through the night
dancing Love’s Ballet~
~Quenching Passion’s appetite
basking in her array~
~Savoring each and every sensation
touching Passion’s Peak~
~Falling to trance and incantation
the Realms of Ecstasy~
~To rest my head upon your Breast
when the deed is done~
~Hear the Heartbeat in your chest
rhyming with mine as one~
~You are my life and all I am
without you I am not~
~Like that the Desert’s lasting sand
you are my every thought~
~And every thought I think of you
makes me want you more~
~Igniting a fire my body through
my Heart begins to soar~
~I love you more than Love can be
growing each day pass~
~You are my one my Destiny
eternity’s ever last~
Duke Sherman

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