Friday, February 15, 2013

Forever And A Day

~You are my all my everything
always on my mind~
~Forever is my Heart in sync
marching Double time~
~A fire burns deep down within
the coring of my Soul~
~Flaming spurs of Love therein
dancing through my whole~
~I long to hold you in embrace
taste your lips of wine~
~Inhale the essence of your Wraith
as we intertwine~
~Breathe my words into your ear
how I love you so~
~Feel the fire’s burning sear
through our bodies flow~
~Lay my head upon your Breasts
as emotions flex~
~Feel the warming of your Breath
caressing on my neck~
~Know the pleasures of your length
my every Fantasy~
~As our Hearts they march in sync
engulfed in Ecstasy~
~Without a doubt my life is Blessed
knowing you are mine~
~I long to feel your tenderness
taste your lips of wine~
~To have to hold to keep and Love
in each and every way~
~I’ll love you more than all thereof
forever and a Day~
Duke Sherman

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