Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I feel such pain

~My hunger grows
to be at ease~
~My Mortal soul
is not at peace~
~I feel such pain
from years gone past~
~My mind insaned
in ever last~
~My every night
is filled with fear~
~I dream in fright
my body sears~
~I stay not sleep
nor do I wake~
~In Limbo’s keep
my body quakes~
~My hunger grows
to be at ease~
~My mortal soul
it yearns for peace~
~I pray my Lord
he gave me life~
~To wield his sword
and end this strife~
~To cleanse my soul
and ease my pain~
~To make me whole
be not insaned~
Duke Sherman
P.T.S.D/VN Vet

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