Sunday, September 14, 2014

My very soul would die

My very soul would die
~Tears would fill my eyes
if you would go away~
~My very soul would die
a thousand times a day~
~Life would pass me by
within the sands of time~
~Like clouds so pace the sky
passing through my mind~
~Loneliness would fill the void
that happiness once held~
~My very heart destroyed
sent to Satan’s Hell~
~You are my reason why
I wake to each the day~
~The bright and shining light
that guides my every way~
~The fire’s raging burn
within my mortal soul~
~My one and only yearn
the better half of whole~
~My each and every thought
is filled with all you do~
~My heart entwined in knots
imbued with loving you~
~So never never go away
tears would fill my eyes~
~Fill my heart with love each day
I love you with my life~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. Duke, that's one of the sweetest , most romantic poems you've ever wrote! I wish my husband would write something like that for me!! Marlin must be crazy to come and be with you!! As always, outstanding!! See ya!! God bless!