Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Found Myself Within A Dream


~My blood runs hot my passion burns
throughout my body whole~
~You are my ever hungry yearn
aching within my soul~
~I found myself within a dream
making love to you~
~In Passions Bliss of Love’s ravine
our midnight rendezvous~ 
~Locked between your legs embrace
basking deep inside~
~I felt you squeeze around my waist
quivering in your thighs~
~You screamed my name in hungry lust
digging in my back~
~With each and every charging thrust
came a deeper track~
~The pain was great exciting me more
driving deeper in~
~Drenched in sweat as passions soared
raining from our skin~
~Gasping for air you caught a breath
your body seemed to sear~
~As I emerged myself within your breast
and sucked your bosom’s tiers~
~You screamed my name once again
begging for my spew~
~I obliged the hungry cumming pain
shooting into you~
~Over again and through the night
unto the dawn of day~
~We made sweet love our only plight
in each and every way~
~Cumming together in ecstasy
bathing in our lust~
~I awoke to find myself with me
holding my throbbing tusk~
Duke Sherman

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