Friday, April 20, 2012

A Pleasant Reminisce


~You are my wish upon a star
my every dream come true~
~You are the yearning of my heart
my Darling I love you~
~Your scent still lingers in the air
your taste upon my lips~
~The sweet perfume your body bares
a pleasant reminisce~
~The way you shy when you undress
your sexy lingerie~
~The beauty of your pear shaped breast
perfect in every way~
~The way you make me love you more
when more can never be~
~The way you make my hunger soar
making love to me~
~The way you feel your silky touch
the tender of your cries~
~The way you call my name in love
the passion in your sighs~
~Your every word stirs my soul
igniting my desires~
~Burning through my body whole
feeding Passions fire~~
~My heart quickens skipping beats
whenever you are near~
~Mere thought of you is ecstasy
you make my body sear~
~Sometimes I tend to loose myself
longing for your touch~
~Deep within the thoughts of Dalf
reminiscing of~
~Your beauty reins in Heavens cape
Angelically defined~
~To run my fingers round your shape
makes me feel divine~
~To hold you close embraced in kiss
takes me on a flight~
~Unto the realms of Passions bliss
basking in her light~
~To feel you quiver from within
taking shallow breaths~
~Sends the shivers across my skin
thunder in my chest~
~And when you lie down by my side
I know that you are mine~
~I dream of you throughout the night
kissing your lips of wine~
Duke Sherman

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