Monday, April 16, 2012

Whisper Words Of Tenderness

~I long to hold you close to me
embraced within a kiss~
~Caressing your body tenderly
touching your erogenous~
~To kiss the slender of your neck
nibbling here and there~
~Whisper words of tenderness
into your tiny ears~
~Bathe the perfect of your length
with my hungry tongue~
~Inhale your sweet and sultry scent
quenching in your spun~
~Enter the realms of forbidden fruit
buried in your thighs~
~Drink the cumming of the root
brewing deep inside~
~How I long to feel your flesh
pressing against my own~
~Entwined as one chest to chest
releasing pheromones~ 
~Exciting us to greater heights
as we mix our spew~
~Throughout the still of the night
making love to you~
~Flying high on the wings of bliss
unto ecstasy~
~Fall asleep embraced in kiss
holding you close to me~
~You are my ever lasting thought
my every longing of~
~Day and night around the clock
longing to make love~
~You are the ruler of my dreams
my midnight rendezvous~
~Reigning my sleep in all supreme
my Darling I love you~
Duke Sherman 

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