Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Is An Art

~Please her and she will please you~

~I love to taste your body sweet
drink the nectar’s brew~
~Flying high on ecstasy
making love to you~
~The scent within you sweet and moist
of Heavenly delight~
~My tongue inside you sings rejoice
quenching my appetite~
~Using my tongue as if a snake
thrusting deep the core~
~Moving up down your body quakes
begging me for more~
~I feel you quiver within your thighs
releasing pleasures stream~
~I selfishly devour the cumming delight
of clear like milky cream~
~Probing deeper with hungry prods
indulging the cumming brew~
~Nectar fit to please the Gods
of precious flowing spew~
~You squeeze my head between your thighs
gasping for your breath~
~Pulling me forward singing in sigh
no longer in distress~
~Drunk on nectar meant for Gods
throbbing hard and stout~
~My seed is bustling within my pod
fighting to get out~
~You take my pod within your hand
the hard between your lips~
~Gently squeeze the podding’s gland
sucking with hungry sips~
~In and out and down your throat
releasing my cumming seed~
~You take in all swallowing the load
giving me ecstasy~
~The night is young our hunger evolves
yearning to cum again~
~We spend the night in Kamasutra’s mall
cumming to the end~
~Exploding together in passions lust
satisfying every desire~
~Filling the room with the scent of musk
burning passions fire~
Duke Sherman

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