Sunday, April 1, 2012

Once A Soldier Always A Soldier Will Die A Soldier

 Dedicated to my Brothers at Arms

~I am a Veteran of the Vietnam war

Soldier born and bred~
~Been through battles great of horror
many friends lie dead~
~Charlie a Ghost afraid of nothing not
attacking day and night~
~From the depths of Hell the Demons fought
frighting Firefights~
~Two on two off and on again
guarding our precious ground~
~A thousand men did Charlie send
never made a sound~
~Behind and up within the trees
tunnels underground~
~Charlie came like Killer bees
swarming all around~
~One hundred times the count of ten
we fell them to the ground~
~At fighting’s end we searched for them
not a body found~
~Like that of Ghosts they disappeared
back to the depths of Hell~
~Leaving our soldiers to ponder fear
under the Demon spell~
~We searched for Charlie day and night
throughout the Hellish rain~
~Commenced another Firefight
felling many again~
~This was our tour of Hell on Earth
still haunting us today~
~The Vietnam veteran we who served
God Bless The USA~
Duke Sherman, Sgt
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Black Horse Soldier
Vietnam Veteran

1971 - 1972

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