Sunday, April 22, 2012

What It Is Like

Woe is me
Too late now

~Like a thunder storm lightning bolts
raging in my chest~
~My heart strikes hungry lusting volts
longing in distress~
~Growing stronger with every thought
spawning a hurricane~
~My blood on fire boiling hot
flowing in my veins~
~Throughout and down my all of me
deep within my loin~
~Feels the hunger wants to feed
tearing at my groins~
~My long and hard imbued with blood
throbbing hungrily~
~To release the spew of cumming flood
waiting in my seed~
~The pain grow stronger so does the storm
feeding each others rage~
~Within the scrotum the seed is swarmed
bustling in their cage~
~I can not move for fear of cum
releasing on their own~
~Escaping the prison of the scrotum
through the swollen cone~
~I hunger I starve I need relief
no longer can I wait~
~I feel the cumming of the seed
now it is too late~
Duke Sherman

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