Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Were Soldiers II

A Traitor to America

2/11 ACR
And 25th Inf
Ambush Patrol

~We were Soldiers one and all
fighting for our flag~
~We saw our brothers fall by fall
go home in Body bags~
~We could hear their cries of death
fighting to the end~
~Gasping to breathe their last breath
many were my friends~
~Throughout the day into the night
unto the next of day~
~Charlie hit us hard in Fire fights
but we made him pay~
~Ten of us one hundred of them
a terrible cost of life~
~Battles lasting to never end
striking from their hives~
~Compounded by lasting rains
saturating all around~
~Causing some to go insane
but still we held our ground~
~Back home they protested us
siding with the Cong~
~Burning our flag with Discuss
saying we were wrong~
~Jane Fonda played a Traitors game
posing on their guns~
~An enemy to us America’s shame
collaborating scum~
~She supported the enemy’s every lie
with her evil slurs~
~While our soldiers fought for their lives
in defense of hers~
~Our brothers sitting in rat filled cells
one hundred yards away~
~Hotel Hanoi their private Hell
suffering every day~
~Fifty eight thousand two hundred plus
gave their precious lives~
~Believing in what we thought was just
protecting freedoms right~
~No heroes welcome or job well done
when we came home~
~We were no better than horses dun
we would stand alone~
~They spit on us and called us names
Baby killers from Hell~
~Only adding to memories of pain
many we could not tell~
~For some of us the war goes on
every night we dream~
~We find ourselves back in Nam
waking in a scream~
~Relationships are not as they fail
scaring those away~
~Some find themselves locked in jails
minds gone astray~
~Caused by being hooked on dope
coping with the pain~
~Giving up loosing all their hope
and going insane~
~In the end many take their own lives
after surviving the Nam~
~Leaving behind children and wives
in pain and dwelling on~
~We were Solders one and all
fighting for our flag~
~We saw our bothers fall by fall
go home in Body bags~
~We wait our turn to join with them
to end our ever pain~
~When Azriel takes us at our end
to the Soldier’s hall of fame~
Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Vietnam 1971-1972
Black Horse Soldier

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