Friday, January 20, 2012

Every Single Room


~Of Firestorm be swells my soul
flaming Passion’s heat~
~My heart in screams of lightning bolts
dancing erotic beats~
~Pumping jolts of lust into my veins
boiling in my blood~
~Driving me to near insane
churning in my gut~
~Harassing that be of my loin
burning of within~
~Rustling of seed between my groins
cooking in the skin~
~My hard in round engorged of blood
throbbing in of pain~
~Boiling in of liquid lust
bustling in my veins~
~I long the tender of your lips
the fire in your touch~
~The sweet of honey in your kiss
to drink in that be of~
~To taste your body in of length
beginning with your breast~
~Inhale your lush in sultry scent
imbued within your sweat~
~Map the contours of every curve
in your body’s scape~
~Caressing every erotic nerve
in gentle navigate~
~Unto the bliss between your thighs
spitting Passion’s spew~
~Cumming from be deep inside
of warm in tasty brew~
~To penetrate in cultivate
the lust within our souls~
~Hear you sigh in quiver quake
in that of Passion’s hold~
~Make love to you the whole of night
bodies entwined in of~
~Unto the Morning’s dawning light
lost in Passion’s lust~
~Embrace the Fire's storm my soul
burning Passion’s heat~
~My heart’s in screaming lighting bolts
dancing erotic beats~
~The bed the floor the shower too
in very single room~
~In that to burn inside of you
deep within your womb~
~To spend the night in ecstasy
entwined in making love~
~In that of Passion blissfully
satisfy our lust~
~Duke Sherman

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