Saturday, January 28, 2012

Know The Heat


~Let me take you of embrace   
hold you close to me~
~Brush the softness of your face
‘O so tenderly~
~Inhale the passion of your kiss
 burning in your soul~
~Know the heat within your lips
smoldering as if coal~
~Feel your skin of touching mine
as I ride your length~
~Hear your heart in keeping time
as your body vents~
~Touch the beauty of your breast
shapely as of pear~
~Kiss them gently in caress
suck your rosen tiers~
~I long to feel your deep inside
in that of making love~
~Feel myself between your thighs
burning in of lust~
~To taste your body breathe your soul
feel your fire burn~
~Wrap ourselves in Passion’s fold
savoring every turn~
~Mere thought of you compels my lust
sets my soul afire~
~You are my one in only of
burning in desire~
~My thought of day my dream of night
my Passion’s hungry lust~
~Come lay with me unto of light
entwined in making love~
Duke Sherman

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