Monday, January 2, 2012

Let Me Pull You Close To Me
~You are in that my fantasy
my one in only wish~
~The Woman of my every dream
my soul in wanting bliss~
~Let me pull you close to me
embrace you in of kiss~
~Touch the softness of your cheeks
gently of caress~
~Whisper words of Passion
nibble on your neck~
~Feel you tremor in causation
as I kiss your breast~
~Hear your breathing rapidly
moaning in of sigh~
~Feel you quake in quivering
burning from inside~
~Trace your every sultry curve
caressing in of kiss~
~Exciting of erotic nerves
in touching of my lips~
~Meld our souls of Passion’s flame
imbuing our desires~
~Feel the burn within our veins
flowing in her fire~
~Savor every sweet sensation
coming of within~
~Feel your body’s exhilaration 
trembling in your skin~
~Taste of that forbidden fruit
resting in your thighs~
~Drink the nectar of the root
cumming from inside~
~Feel my hard between your lips
throbbing thick in round~
~Of that you take the final sip
in of swallow down~
~Penetrate your deep inside
basking in of warmth~
~Make love to you throughout the night
unto the coming morn~
~Lost in that of Passion’s bliss
entwined in making love~
~Lips in locked within of kiss
burning in her lust~
Duke Sherman

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