Monday, January 9, 2012

Fulfilling Your Wildest Dream


~White hot flames be of desire
burns within my soul~
~Imbued of lust within the fire
engulfing my body’s whole~
~Roaring thunder striking beats
pounding in my heart~
~Lighting bolts of Passion’s heat
spewing erratic sparks~
~Sending jolts of erotic shocks
bustling in my blood~
~Searing senses to molten hot
unadulterated lust~
~The Lava flow reaches my loin
hungering in of pain~
~Cooking the seed within my groin
driving me insane~
~Engorging my shaft of heated blood
fulling hard of round~
~Throbbing hot of molten Lust
embedded within the mound~ 
~Let me show you Passion’s fire
 buried beneath the shoal~
~White hot flames be of desire
burning in my soul~
~Embrace you in of hungry kiss
tastes your lips of wine~
~Loose ourselves in Passion’s bliss
touch your tongue to mine~
~Kiss your sweet in tender neck
whisper in your ear~
~Fondle the roundness of your breast
sucking the firming tiers~ 
~Feel the warmth be of your skin
pressed against my own~
~Hear your heart beat from within
rhyming in of tone~
~Smell your sweet perfuming scent
taste your sexiness~
~Explore the regions of your length
caress your tenderness~
~Drink the nectar of your fruit
buried within your thighs~ 
~Warm in lucid cumming juice
brewing deep inside~
~Entwine as one in making Love
fanning Passion’s fire~
~Feed you with my molten lust
flaming white desire~
~Fulfilling your wildest of dreams
blissful carnalness~
~Erupting in overwhelming ecstasy
burning within your flesh~
~Joined together in that of lust
entwined in Passion’s bliss~
~Embraced in that of making Love
lips touching in kiss~

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